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Technical Training Program DETAILS

Princeton FC is excited to announce the Technical Training program as part of our Winter Player Development Module. The Technical Training is an advanced training program designed to develop and refine the technical abilities, tactical understanding and decision-making of the players. The program’s curriculum is developed by our Senior Professional Staff and the program runs for seven weeks beginning second week of January 2018.

The class focuses on the development of wide variety of technical skills which have tactical implementation in the game. Creating a solid technical foundation requires the development of technical areas such as ball mastery and ball manipulation, passing and receiving, 1v1 Attacking (moves and turns) and shooting and finishing. The players will be challenged to use the technical elements in a small-sided game environment where the conditions will ensure the necessary repetition of the isolated technique when under defensive pressure. This will also develop players’ tactical understanding and help them solve problems in the game.

The class will also address the tactical aspect of the game with focus on possession with purpose, movement and support, defending (individual and small group), transition and more.
Princeton FC mission is to develop highly skilled soccer players who will enjoy and love the game for the rest of their lives. The Technical Training class’ objective is to further prepare the players for the technical and tactical demands of the game. Players will be exposed to high level training that reflects the modern style of play of Princeton FC.
The class offers an opportunity for all players to focus on certain elements of the game which will complement their team training format. Very often in the middle of the competitive season the team’s training is focused on tactical scenarios and the technical development goes second in priority. Our Technical Training Class will continue developing the technical themes started during the regular season and advance the technical development. It will also provide additional tactical information about the application of the technical elements.
Another aspect that the class will be focusing on is the mental approach, confidence and the psychological strength of the players. Dealing with the defensive pressure of the opponent and other factors in the game could be a very difficult challenge for some players. We believe that proper mental strength training could improve players’ performance and bring out their best in training and games.
The Technical Training class will focus in each session on:
1. Technical abilities and skill - Variety of Moves, Turns, Fakes and Feints among other technical elements
2. Knowledge and awareness
4. Character and mental toughness
5. Speed and mobility
6. Anticipation vs. Reaction

The Technical Training class will benefit all players who are looking to become technically proficient, tactically aware and mentally strong. It will help them get a step closer to reaching their full soccer potential.
These sessions are open to all PFC and non-PFC players. These sessions will be booked on a first come first serve with limited spots available to keep a good instructor to player ratio. Existing club members will be given a priority to join the class.
For any questions, please contact our Director of Programs.

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